The one thing all of us have in common as skateboarders is just that, skateboarding. From the new kid learning to drop in to the guy waiting for him to move so he can get at it. The amazing passion it takes to truly love skating has no age limits. Given that, we took two skaters from two different generations of skateboarding and asked them identical questions for Wheel Bite. Check out what Dean Christopher and Glenn Medrano had to say. -ERL

1. What was your first experience that made you interested in getting a skateboard?

Dean- It may sound strange but I really liked this TV show called “The Fall Guy” with Lee majors. It followed the wild life of a professional stunt man. So that’s what I wanted to be, spent a lot of time crashing my bike in to curbs, until I saw a kid in my class ride standing up on a skateboard and I knew I needed to crash around on one of those.

Kickflip at the river.

Glenn- A friend in Wyoming, we would snowboard together and he said I should try to skateboard. I was hooked!


2. At what point did you realize you didn’t want to be a skater, you knew you were?

Dean- I never thought about it since the first two years of me starting out I was all I knew. There were others but I didn’t meet them until I was already jumping off cars. When I did meet others that skated I realized for myself that skateboarding was more like painting a picture than playing a sport. I wanted to have adventures with friends, like an outlaw gang or something.

Glenn- It was when I got my first sponsor, Soldier 15, after he started hooking me up it was all over. Nothing else mattered I would be on the baseball field thinking shit, day dreaming about doing tricks!

3. Who was the first Pro that hyped you so much you wanted their Pro Model?

Dean- Cliche but Tommy Guerrero, Mark Gonzales, Natasha, and later Matt Hensley.

Glenn- Kareem Campbell.

4. Who’s board did you have the most of?

Dean- Natas for sure from 85-89.

Wallride to fakie.

Glenn- Any board. I was not picky and kinda broke so… a lot of blanks or shop decks.

FS Noseslide Downtown Reno

5. What was the first Skate Video you owned?

Dean- A copied VHS tape that had Santa Cruz “Streets On Fire” and Powell Peralta “Axe Rated”.

Glenn- Southside Skate Video, it’s an indoor shop in Texas.

6. If you are going to put on a video or someone’s specific part to get hyped, what do you watch?

Dean- Dang…. any Real video, Thrashers “Beers, Bowls and Barnys, Flip “Sorry”, Foundation “Art Bars”, and many videos from the 80’s-90’s and tons of music!

Glenn- Umm… “Diagonal” the Adidas vid or anything that has good music. Haha music makes me hyped more than the skating sometimes.

7. What is your all time favorite Skate Video?

Dean- H Street “Shackle Me Not” and “Hocus Pocus” as well as Blind “Video Days”. All three have the best innovative skating, cinematography and music in my opinion.

Layback Grind. Photo by Huntsman.

Glenn- Transworld “First Love”.

Blast Mode

8. Who was the first Pro Skateboarder you encountered?

Dean- 1988 a hip ramp contest at Reno Fair Grounds. All kinds of Pros were there, but Cory O’Brien blew me away. He was destroying this ramp, purple hair, tight black jeans and his own black Pro Model shirt! Attitude for days. Man, I was shocked when this dude went bezerk and started throwing his board. I had never seen anyone abuse their skateboard out of anger and frustration before…powerfull!

Glenn- I was at UC Davis skating the 8 rail with some friends, and Brandon Biebel, Stefan Janoski, and Silas Baxter Neal showed up with Jeff Landi and Chris Ray. We skated there with them for hours and everyone got a clip with Ray Ray, it was amazing. Brandon’s nollie crooky monster and Stefan’s fakie 5-0 was crazy. I don’t remember what I did or any of my friends did, but we had a lot of fun doing it. Haha!

9. What do you think is the worst trend in skateboarding?

Dean- Greed.

Glenn- Only skating handrails, it’s skateboarding, it’s not limited to what you can skate. And pushing mongo!

10. What year did you start skating?
Dean- 1984.

Glenn- 2001 or 2002.

11. Thanks for taking time out to get down with these questions. To wrap it up, what does skateboarding mean to you?

Dean- An open invitation and opportunity for freedom of expression, originality, self exploration, self realization and creativity.  I feel it’s only as deep as you are, YOU MAKE IT WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE….

Skateboarding. Photo by Huntsman.

Glenn- Getting together with friends and shredding the streets with a big ass smile on your face! Haha thanks Eric!

FS Flip


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