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Broke not Broken

Hot weather equals a hot temper on occasion. Hockey tempers flare and next thing you know you’re looking down at the board you just focused. A quick stomp and that’s that, broken board. Probably one of the greatest marketing ploys in skateboarding was showing Pros at the time focusing their boards. One by one, all of us started doing it. I’ve seen friends focus boards because the grip got tore up or landing primo and smashing them into the ground. All in all the very act is senseless but, a great way to release the frustrations that come with skateboarding. I’ve seen less fortunate skaters beg others not to break an otherwise perfect condition board.

When you’re a young buck you focus your board because you trying to learn a new trick and it’s just not happening. When you get older you smash your board because your losing the tricks you used to have on lock. It’s ironic because it’s never the boards fault. It’s us who didn’t flip it right, catch it right, or land it right.  Greg Janess, Daryl Dibattista, Scott Waters, Justin Hay-Chapman, Kelly Haugen, Dean Christopher, and Spencer Benavides had some real melt downs back in the day. 

My absolute favorite person to watch get mad was Toby Riley. He would never break or throw his board out of anger. He would however punch himself in the face and head repeatedly. After all, it wasn’t his boards fault he was missing the trick. I’ve always related it to the old saying “A good mechanic never blames his tools”.  Although I can guarantee there are some mechanics that have thrown a tool out of anger. It is temporary satisfaction and a release that can’t be duplicated. Here’s to all our broken boards from days past and the ones in the near future that met an unexpected early retirement. You deserved better but, we love you all the same. -ERL

Life Span is questionable.