Pile in & pile out with miles to go.

The thought was to grab as many homies as I could and rent a van to hit up a road trip. Drive from Reno straight to Elko Nevada, find their skate park, tear it up, and start the trek to the next spot. Quickly the rental van idea was squashed and we took the Road Master which holds 8 people legally, seriously road trip equipped. After realizing there would be no room for any gear, we lost two people. 6 people were still signed on and the road called. 600 miles, 6 dudes, 4 skate parks, and only the lack of daylight as our nemesis.

We met at Classic around 6 am and started loading the wagon up. By 6:20 we were off and running with a full car and a lot of heads crashed out. Tyler DeWitt, Ryan Wisniewski, Dean Christopher, Joe Dubon was the guest photographer, and myself were on the way to Fallon to pick up the last of our crew Britt Del Carlo. We picked a Saturday that had arguably the worst wind ever in the history of mankind which we battled through the whole trip. Bring on the dust storms and allergies. On any given day it would have been worth complaining about but, not on a day like this. Man up and make the most out of this trek. 

Elko was the first stop and we quickly found out that when you said you weren’t from there it didn’t matter. “We are trying to find the skate park , we just drove in from out of town.” was met with “do you know where the High School is?” or “Do you know where the flag pole is?” several times. Eventually we had solid directions and off we went. The park was real limited on anything fun to skate. It was mostly a flat area with a mini hubba, odd pyramid, fish pond style bowl/snake run, and a 1/2 volcano style hip thing. Tyler and Dean went to work on the rail down the stairs. Snakeboards, razor scooters, bikes, and runaway toddlers were bigger obstacles than the actual park. It was fun purely on the crew we brought and right before we bounced the locals rolled in. When we asked if Carlin had a skatepark the response was, “yeah but it’s poo.” and he couldn’t have been more wrong. Carlin was rad. The actual layout was not so great, it was the other props that made it fun. A steep slick metal spine ramp, a metal bank ramp, and flat rails were the ticket. Everyone seemed to get a rad vibe from Carlin. Britt rolled his ankle a bit and Dean ran with the make it or brake it plan.  That spine ramp got worked. I wanted to “borrow” it and bring it to Reno, it was a good one. Tyler killed the whole park then it was time to pack it up and move along. Again, no one showed up until we were ready to move on to Battle Mountain.

Battle Mountain was a distant cousin to the Panther Valley park with all prefabbed black ramps on a larger scale. There was so much dust on them the slide out factor was turned up to 11. The bottoms of all the ramps were chipped enough to get hung up on but, no one did thankfully. The wind was probably the worst here being that it was located in a dirt/gravel field the dust was rough. Ryan concurred the gap between the 1/4 pipes while Tyler and Dean got it going on a kicker to a table. The ramps were fast and poorly maintained although they were set up nice with good flow. We had a string of good luck going as we had another park all to ourselves. A family showed up as we were loading the car. The sun was falling fast so after a slight transportation problem we headed out to Winnemucca.

Winnemucca’s park was actually pretty rad in a weird NV park kind of way. By the time we got there we were a little road weary. Britt, Dean, and Tyler stepped up and killed it. There is a decent size bowl there that has huge transitions, a real nightmare to keep your speed. I was beat and it was well past sunset, it was time to roll out. Between hearing multiple times “you know what turtles like?” disparaging remarks about Henry Rollins and Willie Nelson, and real bad gas the trip was almost over as we dropped off Britt safely back in Fallon. Reno was an hour away and the next trip was already in the works. Another rad trip amoungst friends to the far ends of Nevada strictly to skate new spots. That’s the goods right there. The next trip will be the parks in Fallon, Fernley, Silver Springs, both spots in Yerington, Gardnerville, and Carson City. Let’s get a convoy going! The road waits for no one. – ERL


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