“My remote control and my old skateboard.”

These were the words that hit me like a brick in 1986. These three white guys were rapping about skateboarding? I was only partially interested in their color and completely intrigued that they rapped about skateboarding and hiding your stuff from shady girls. Their sound was like nothing heard of before and many a skater, myself included were hooked. Quite a few “Licensed To Ill” cassette tapes were worn out in the boom box. Everything about these guys was so different than any sound going on. A song like “Fight For Your Right To Party” in your teens will resonate. It did and I was almost happy all the jocks were bummed on their second album, “Paul’s Boutique” which is a masterpiece. To me these guys were too good to be mainstream. I didn’t want to hear our jams blasting out of the sportos lifted trucks.

1987 Style Was Undeniable

In the 90s skateboarding and the Beastie Boys interconnected even more from Mike Carroll’s two song part in the Plan B video to director and Girl Skateboards owner Spike Jones directing their music videos. Pure energy from punk kids turned hip hop heads that kept it real in a time where music seemed wrong. Calling them a soundtrack for my early years of skating is an understatement. 293 was the place where you would see XXL “Ill Communication” tees and hear them from someone’s car stereo parked near by.

Never wasn’t Fly

I heard the news today about Adam Yauch aka MCA passing away. I found out he had cancer in 2009 and was worried about it since because there was never any positive news. When he didn’t appear at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to be inducted, I feared the worst. MCA was the favorite Beastie for me and a lot of others. MCA had that fierce growl in his voice and uncanny flow. Cancer is such a horrible disease, it effects all of us at some point in our lives. Gone but not forgotten is one cliche I tend to use a lot.  Although, music is the ultimate reminder of someone’s art will always be heard. Grab your Old Skateboard or get out and Shake Your Rump cause life’s not waiting on you to live it. Legend. Roll Model. Innovator. Rest In Peace Adam Yauch. -ERL

3 – 1 = None


3 thoughts on ““My remote control and my old skateboard.”

  1. Randi

    Those 3 white guys & their music (any song/ does not matter which one) will always take me rt back to probably the funnest, most simple time of my life. if B Boys are playing you can damn sure bet there’s a smile on this girl’s face & her mind wandering back to those days,

    Thanks ERL for all that you do & the style in which you do it!

    Much Love & Respect old friend



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