The Wonder Years

Style. Eric Dressen had it and still does. This picture says so much and certainly comes from the wonder years. The amazing years before the digital onslaught of too much information. You didn’t “friend”, “follow”, or “tweet” Pros in the wonder years. You saw them in the mags, on posters, in the vids, (which came out once a year if you were lucky) or at a demo if they came to your town. That just added to the mystique of your favorite Pro. You didn’t hear about his opinions, see his pictures, or watch his video footage everyday. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Although, there are several Pros as I’ve gotten older I wanted more coverage of. Joe Lopes, Lee Ralph, John Lucero, Jeff Grosso, Gator, and Jason Jessee probably had so much unseen footage.

Style. Every Professional custom shaped his Pro Model. There were so few Pros at the time you didn’t need to see the graphics to know who’s model someone was riding. The rails, Cell Blocks, OJ II Team Riders, Anodized Indys, Rip Grip, Wheel Wells, torn up Converse, and the mystery back foot placement belong to the wonder years.
Bright, powerful, stylish, and all 80s made for a hell of a shot and a poster to always remember.

Style. Rodney Mullen invented 99% of the tech tricks being done to this day, all on a board around 7 inches wide. Mark Gonzales, Natas Kaupas, Julien Stranger, Ray Barbee, Matt Hensley, and the wonder years generation from the mid 80s to the early 90s reinvented Rodney’s work on what is now called “cruiser boards”. Only they weren’t called cruiser boards, they were called skateboards. 10 inch to 9 inch boards with a ton of plastic and 2 – 3 inches of nose were flipped with style and flow. Feel like cruising? Get a fucking longboard bro. Cruising is apart of skating, you really need a 100ft long plank to get cruisey?
A skateboard with shape is just that, a skateboard. I wonder what these years will be remembered as? Make a scene, don’t be apart of it. -ERL



3 thoughts on “The Wonder Years

  1. stanbyers

    Another great article. You are a good writer and I appreciated your perspective. Keep it up!

  2. drsmoothdeath

    looks like ponyboy has some of my favorite wheels too… OJII teamriders! stylee as always!


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