Night Moves

Night skating in Reno will always be the joint. Night skating during the summer in Reno is a whole other beast. From the bright lights of the casinos to the greasy dark alleys, there’s a whole city of things to skate. The fact that they were never designed to be skated makes it that much better. Watching Lance Mountain cruise around in Future Primitive sold me on what the streets had to offer. Besides, Street Skating just sounds cool.

This summer has been one of the best by far, the streets have been abused. Getting old friends out of the skate parks and back into the streets have been a goal of mine. We all started in the streets and there will always be something borderline rebellious about it. Trespassing, destruction of property, insurance liabilities, and “Can’t you read the No Skateboarding sign?” are things you get to hear while skating outside the confines of the skatepark. It’s amazing to be kicked out of spots to this day, Greasers vs Socs forever!

This past Tuesday a group of friends hit the streets and hijacked a little something to make an old Reno spot even better. We trespassed, destroyed private property, and were told to leave by a feisty Colonel Sanders looking rent a cop. The way it’s been for decades, the way I hope it always will be. Skating is popular enough, the day we are welcomed everywhere is a day we lose the fire. Thanks to all the homies who keep the streets unsafe! Street Sharks never sleep. -ERL

Mission Accomplished.

Scaught Bates DJ Hurricaner.

Scaught Bates Front Tail.

Scaught Bates Front Blunter.

Tom Bursill Blunt BIG pop out to fakes.

Tom Bursill Pop Shove Nose Slide.

Tom Bursill Blunt Shove.

Tom Bursill FS Flip.

Dane Haman Front Rock.

ERL Board Sliders.

ERL Front Rocker.

ERL Alley Oop Nollie Lip.

ERL Nollie D.

Shaun D Fakie 5-0.

Shaun D Back Lip.

Shaun D Back Tail.

Shaun D Front Blunt.

Shaun D Rocking & Rolling.

Steve Storm 5-0.

Steve Storm Back Lip.

Steve Storm Nollie Lip.

Steve Storm Nose Picker.

Steve Storm Smith Grind.

Photos by Kyle Volland.


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