You Still Skate?

I recall a time where most of my troubles could be solved a lot easier in my younger years. Solved might be a strong word for the situation. More like,”temporary solution” fits the bill. From Jr High I could grab my skateboard and blur out any form of teen angst that I had building up. I imagine this was a common outlet for most kids my age and obviously stands true to today. I saw it as a better outlet than partying or hanging out in a parking lot looking for fights.

If your parents were fighting, grab your board and go skate. Troubles at school or with your girlfriend? Go skate! The focus and energy it takes to ride your board and learn a new trick takes hours, days, and weeks. It was an amazing distraction indeed. You were going to get some lumps and have to figure out what you were doing wrong to avoid the slam. The problem was still there when you were done, you just took a positive break from reality with a few scrapes and bruises to think about.

Problems gain stature with age. Bills, foreclosure, divorce, unemployment, stress, and death are things we have to deal with now more than ever. Get a break and dust off that old friend you’ve left in the back of the garage because you’re “too old”. The utter challenge of reclaiming some old moves will be liberating. You’ll also be surprised how many other old bastards are at the skatepark getting some therapy. If you’re afraid you’ll fall, you will. Just as in life you have to pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes. I can’t think of a better way to live. All of the young bucks out there, keep pushing. Live fast and live long! -ERL


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