On The Wall with Jared Isenberg

At some point everyone has opened a Thrasher, Transworld, Power Edge, etc and saw a picture that floored them. There’s going to be that one shot that made it on the wall above all others. There may have been an entire wall covered in pages pulled from magazines or posters but, there is always one that will stand out 20 + years down the road. I asked five people from Aces Tattoo to recall their favorite image of all time and discuss why it made such a memorable impact. Five skaters, all different ages, different generations, and unique personalties sharing their favorite photos that made it on the wall. Next up is Jared Isenberg.

1. Jared,  this is a tough question because skating is so unique and styles reign supreme in so many different eras but, what photo would you say is your favorite of all time?

Gonz -Thrasher cover September 1986.

2. Describe what it is about the image that made it your favorite, although it is a Gonz photo so it’s going to be a keeper.

Gonz was my idol. Look at that shit, Indy Boneless. Rad! This photo single handedly made me stop using rails, not to mention he’s riding my favorite board of all time.

3. Is this photo more about the trick at the time, the actual photography, or a blend of everything?

It’s not the trick really. I like the yellows and blues! I love the movement of this photo.

4. Was the Gonz your favorite at the time or was it purely based on the photograph?

Fuck yeah. Hands down fave, tied with Rick Windsor who never got enough coverage.

Even then he was changing everything.

Even then he was changing everything.

5. To even mention Windsor is rad, underground ripper. How about an of the older advertisements? Was there one particular skate ad that made you run out and buy it up?

No ad ever made me buy anything but, the World/Blind ads in the late 80s early 90s ruled. Especially the Powell one, “Dear George”.

I have that ad on the wall at the shop!  Thanks Jared, everything Gonz is the right stuff. – ERL


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