Shred Sundays

Shred Sundays is something that started out a little over two years ago. A simple idea to get more people involved in skating outside of the confines of the skate parks. There was always about 5 – 8 friends that showed up and were down for the cause. Through the magic of social networking more and more people kept asking about it and always said, “It looks like you guys are having so much fun” and I would agree. Everyone started out skating because it was fun, bottom line. Every Sunday we meet at Classic Skate Shop and map out spots that are fun, raw street, ditches, ramps, and spots that are sometimes a bust. That’s what you get rolling the dice street skating. There’s no clicks, no one uppers, no cool guys, and no bad vibes. We snap photos for Skate NV and just skate. It goes down every Sunday all year unless it’s snowing and often times we find a dry spot regardless. This past Sunday was one for the books. A ton of friends, cool spots, a boom box, and some brews. Check it out someday and bring your crew. Skating at it’s finest with some damn cool folks. It’s not Shred Somedays, it’s Shred Sundays! Bring it! -ERL

Getting down for the get down.


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