Gettin’ It!

On Sunday November 18th we got a convoy together and headed out to the Fallon Skate Park for the Terror Dome Races. The idea of having two guys race neck to neck throughout the park was an idea long overdue. Knowing the park well, it was designed perfect to “get some” race style. A race is about as pure as it gets. From the minute you learn to walk you usually find another person to race with, simple competition that’s always fun. “Two Men Enter One Man Wins” was the theme and it certainly lived up to it and then some.

Organized Chaos! Kyle Volland photo.

I took some time to observe everyone and saw how much fun it was. In between the slams, speed wobbles, and collisions were big ole smiles. Some races were so close we had to run them again. Those were the same that had to be best out of three. In the end, we had a distinct winner for the race and best trick. It was an amazing time and it was a very communal event for the scene.

The calm before the storm. Kyle Volland photo.

I know several people woke up this morning paying the price from the slams and collisions that went down. Some races were so neck and neck that it was going to go down that way. This picture of Ryan Wisniewski and Frank Silveira going at it sums up the contest more than words. Two guys flying through the park, smiling, and living in the moment right before a slam. Nothing is better than skating with friends and getting everyone together for a grassroots contest is what it’s all about. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated all in the name of fun. That was one for the books fellas! -ERL

Two men enter one man leave. Photo by Faye Conniff.


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