Guy Mariano

There are very few stories in the skate world quite as intriguing as Guy’s. Beyond a childhood prodigy, his part in Video Days blew everyone a way with how good a kid could be, a short kid at that. Seeing how he was riding at least a 9 inch board and man handled it was odd enough. The fact he was killing it was a face melter. There was a long haul where you only looked to the Pros as the innovators, after all they were Pros. Street skating changed all the rules and the kids took over inventing tricks at warp speed.

I’m sure all the Street Pros were sweating this.

Seeing Guy skate with the new LA crew of kids in “Ban This” made street look more than just power slides, boneless ones, and skimmer ollies. On top of that, their age made them seem more attainable than the Rock Star vert Pros. Admittedly, I still was all about the established Pros. Being a Professional skateboarder and having a board I could go out and buy had me all caught up. I was blessed to have a friend with an amazing ramp, so I wanted to see vert parts.

Time for change.

Once Guy was a part of Blind, (at one time the absolute best company) his skating really showed. He wasn’t stifled by a certain formula that was part of the Powell & Peralta videos. It was raw creativity and real street skating. Skating with Mark Gonzales during the filming must have been amazing. The Blind video “Video Days” is still my most watched video I own and it always sparks me up for a good sesh. From then on, he was the guy. Guy Mariano, Gino Iannucci, and Keenan Milton RIP, were so far ahead of the learning curve. Those three skaters were so innovative and they had style, two things to have at the same time is still rare. It was odd to see him with clips instead of parts.

To see Guy Mariano get caught up in addiction and lose it all was sad to say the least. Often child protégées succumb to a dark place. It’s not the dark path that you take, it’s the destination that counts. Seeing him take his second chance at a career as the blessing it was made for an unforgettable comeback. I think I got that feeling old arm chair quarterbacks get when they see their hero fighting the elements of time and throwing that game winning touch down. Guy’s Fully Flared part brought me to tears and the Band of Horses opener definitely didn’t help. I felt a second hand victory knowing how hard he worked to bring back the kind of part expected from Guy Mariano.

Here comes the boom.

With all of the talk of his part in “Pretty Sweet” that comes out next week, he was nominated for a SOTY before that video even hit. I knew he had been working on this new part for years it was obvious to vote for Guy without seeing one clip. Being an older fella, I know it’s going to be a true Professional street skating video part. Every facet of street skating, not just rails or big gaps. Beyond that, there will be an older legend pushing skateboarding in a direction that will be talked about for decades. Just like every one of his past parts. Am I fanning out on Guy Mariano? By all means yes. More than that, I’m looking forward to seeing someone who’s job it is to ride a skateboard do it to his highest ability. A skate career is a short timeline in someone’s life and I appreciate the fact that someone like Guy Mariano is pushing each year to it’s fullest. Regardless of the SOTY outcome, I’m just another skater kid waiting to see some magic on the screen and then call my friends to go skate. -ERL


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