Seek Shelter

This past Sunday was a good one. Flood warnings brought back memories of the flood we had in 97. I was hoping for a little carnage but, Mother Nature spared Reno of a good Juggalo bathing. Maybe next time? I had talked to the crew about a Shred Sunday back up plan to keep the tradition uninterrupted. It hadn’t rained that hard in years so I new we had to seek shelter.

Woodward was a topic off and on. I agreed with most of the older crew that a parking garage session was in order. Slowly one by one, everyone trickled into the shop to figure out where it was to be. The big topic on Facebook was that it was too wet to skate. Countless posts from people making excuses not to get out and roll. It reminded me of all the older guys who found it so easy to quit skating in the late 90s/early 2000s. There is always a place to go skate regardless of wind, rain, snow, or heat. It is what you make it and it’s a lot easier to choose not to skate at all. Fuck that.

We watched the new Girl/Chocolate video and proceeded to hit up the parking garage by UNR. It was obvious 20 minutes into the sesh that the video had the crew sparked up. Everyone motivated each other and it was a solid day. We missed linking up with another group shredding IRS. Regardless, a damp, dusty, and poorly lit parking garage might as well have been Woodward. No charge, no helmets, and nothing but dudes tearing it up. With all the talk about DIY spots, I find we are surrounded by them all throughout Reno. Find a spot and make it your own by skating it. Either that or keep complaining online about how your scene sucks. It is what you make it, just like everything in life. Don’t talk about it, be about it. -ERL


Scott La Rock Fakie Nosegrind.


Scott La Rock Brew Nollie Lip.


Frank Silveira Five O.


Scaught Bate Hurricane.


Mitch Haight Bluntside.







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