Despite how hard Beau’s departure hit all of us, today is a day to remember what we had in the most unique and loving person I ever had in my life. Reno hasn’t been and will never be the same. Memories are razor sharp and when that’s all you have, consider it a gift. We get together and keep the spirit alive and well. I am thankful to all my friends I have in my life to share your memory. Bear hugs, cig breath, Sinclair ridiculousness, and that smile. The sun was shining bright today brother, thank you. Happy Birthday. You are Loved. Live4Die4. -ERL





2 thoughts on “12.7.77

  1. Stasia Shaver-Sheridan

    Thank you Eric for remembering Beau’s Birthday… I just came across this today, Aug 6 2013. I search my son’s name during the year just.. to well… just to hope to find what I found today… I am uplifted and heartened to know he is loved and will always be remembered by someone like yourself. Someone who took the time and effort to create such a truly beautiful and poignant video. A video that captures so very well what was so quintessentially, uniquely Beau… my son, my child, and beloved friend to so many… Thank you for keeping the love, and his memory ALIVE, for helping to keep my son from becoming but a fading image in the rearview mirror… with Love,
    Stasia Shaver

  2. Sheri Vandersypen Bedke

    My Name is Sheri Vandersypen Bedke. I am sorry for your loss Stasia. I do not know who any of the people on the web page are but I like you lost someone, my brother Kevin Vandersypen on October 25, 2007 and have just stumbled upon this page where Kevin in spoke of as a friend and it is very heart warming to hear. So thank you for remembering him also.
    Sheri Vandersypen Bedke


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