We received our first real snow in Reno finally. By finally I don’t express any excitement or longing. Rain is one thing, it usually dries out as quick as it lands in Nevada. It’s this cursed thing called snow that concerns me. Growing up in a small town with no parking garages was murder. We had no sanctuary from the snow. There were many days we would sweep off Greg’s ramp and de-ice it to make a sesh still happen. A little moisture on a masonite ramp made for some memorable slams. It was still better than the alternative, not skating.

I don’t really snowboard per say, I do like it though. Just not enough to blow off a day of skating to do so. I broke my first bone snowboarding and received many a concussion. I’m sure today would be an “epic” day to go ride. I’m thinking more along the lines of a parking garage on a day like this. I drove by two skate parks today that were obviously abandoned, completely snowed out for all the new completes the day after X-Mas. Bummer.

It has always been a Reno tradition to find a place to skate regardless of the snow or cold. I hope everyone doesn’t throw in the towel and not skate today. There are  5 skate-able parking garages and multiple overhangs that are dry. I know it’s not the safe routine of a skate park, it’s new terrain to make the most of on a day like today. More importantly, it’s not made for skating. People are paid salaries to protect these cement structures from people like us. Push the boundaries, break the law, and keep the Reno street skating scene alive. It’s a jock mentality to consider calling it due to snow or rain. Get out and keep the Cops on their toes, get out and skate your city. -ERL


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