Two Men Enter One Man Wins

Against all common sense, Classic Skate Shop decided to have another skate comp in the month of December. There’s an unwritten rule that states skateboard events take place in the warmer months. Tours, demos, and contests are preferred in warmer weather by the folks putting on the events, not necessarily the actual skaters. We went out of our way to break that rule with contests in October, November, and pushing it close in December. The day of the TerrorDome contest was cold and windy, a lot of both for most the day.

I’ve never liked being told what to do in any capacity. I hate the fact I even have to stop at red lights. Laws and Rules never made much sense to me. I believe that common sense and proper values should prevail over something enforced. Right is right and if you’re in the wrong, there’s a price to pay. That being said, why not do skate contests anytime of year? Skateboarding is not seasonal bro.

For this second contest out at the Fallon Skate Park, we had a big solid group of friends make the trek from Reno to get their race on. We paired the local crew with the Reno crew to mix it up and get some fire burning. It was very competitive in a way skating should be. Everyone was smiling, hauling ass, slamming, and grabbing shirts for pole position. There are no rules in a TerrorDome contest so anything goes was the idea once you started.

In any contest there’s first place but, in this case everyone won. Getting a big posse of skaters together for a contest in December is what skating is all about. It’s communal and great for the scene. By the middle of the day the sun was shining bright on us all. The TerrorDome 2 contest ended 2012 the best way possible, skating with friends. Next year is going to be one for the books, we’re going to keep it going fellas. Thanks to Dane Haman for the photos. -ERL


Marcus Alford backlip.


Jossue Molina and Bailey Knight.


Peyton Wilson in the speed trap.


Joshua Lamon booze cruisin’ with Scott La Rock.


Marcus Alford in the tube.


Austin Michael Rau and Robert Conniff charging it.


Austin and Robert round two.


Jossue and Bryant.


Ryan Wisniewski and Frank Silveira working it out.


Tyler swerving around Marcus, slams were had at TerrorDome.


Jossue in the zone.


And we’re off!


Mitch Haight and Tyler DeWitt had to go twice, close races.


TerrorDome! No prisoners.


Nothing but fun and a little blood.


Hector getting some.


There was some great Reno vs Fallon races, all in fun. No jock shit.


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