Makes and Breaks

There’s always been a certain mentality you require to stick with skateboarding. Just like everything else, it’s easy to start. Buy or borrow a board and figure out the basics, pushing, balance, and how to turn. Once you get the basics it’s time to learn the tricks, small ones at first because it’s all new still. Back in the day was great, often times you “made up a trick” and gave it some odd 80’s name. The purity of not knowing what had and had not been done yet was golden. They say “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt” and that saying applies so much to skateboarding. One day it happens, you finally slam violently on cement and get hurt.

Getting broke off proper while skating changes the course of a lot of skaters. People figure out that skating is not easy, slamming can wreck you for months, and parents aren’t too thrilled about ER visits. There is so much dedication and mental warfare to overcome while trying to land a trick you got hurt trying previously. Sometimes you reach a mental barrier you can no longer cross. I broke my ankle during a trip to San Francisco that got in my head and stayed there, I was scared. That fear stuck with me ever since, although I still continue to break and tear parts of my body skating. If you truly Love something eventually it’s going to hurt you and if you really do love it, you can’t quit.

This is Mitch Haight ollieing a gap that no one knew was a gap until he did it. He might have been scared to try it but, Mitch has that mentality that allows him to overcome fear and doubt. It’s that drive that has him ripping Reno apart. Is the risk worth the reward? It is by all means to us, it’s everything. – ERL

Boom. Dane Haman photo.

Boom. Dane Haman photo.


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