The Great Highway 70 Tour

To get away from the smoke and to put the pedal down for the day we headed North. Three towns were the plan, in those three towns of Loyalton, Portola, and Quincy laid 3 skateparks. Clean air, mountains, trees, a boom box, and two car loads of the homies is all it took to put an plan into action. We had the entire skatepark of Loyalton to ourselves. Portola was a tough one and is where the photos are from. We ended up in Quincy where the sign to the entrance of the parks read, “No Bikes.” and “No Scooters” and how sweet that was. Plenty of brews, beautiful scenery, and slight heat stroke. Left early and was home for in time for Breaking Bad. Hit the road. -ERL


The finer things.


Ernie got crooked.


Tony Jumbo stomping shadows.


Apparently this bank to rail served Dane up earlier, he got his revenge next try.


Ian stomping shadows over the hip.


Toby broke the “no transfers over the spine” rule to tail.


Locked in and lapped over 5-0. ERL


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