Shred Sunday’d

Besides the homeless I think we are the only people who lurk so hard. We basically loiter. Driving around looking for new spots to skate will take you to some odd locations. Ending up in an oil soaked industrial loading dock is normal to us. Even better that they had chairs outside for their employees smoke breaks no doubt. To top that, it was covered and we had a dry spot free of snow. Civilians drive by puzzled. Cops drive up concerned.

If you street skate you realize we have more in common with the homeless than most people. We like to do what we want and ignore most of societies preconceived notions of what we should be. Trespassing and destruction of public/private property do not apply to us. Your average person who calls an ambulance when they fall off a curb can’t conceive what we do. Wander, look around, and discover what your streets have to offer. -ERL


Nathan had nosegrinds all day at the Grease Spot.


Lounge crew, it was a Sunday after all.


Jordan got blunted.


Dane murders spots like this. Feeble.


Jordan bluntslide FS 180 away from the tundra.


Dustin had the leap and Frank had a little faith.


Those warm rays you see are a life saver.


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