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Flavor of the past 22 Years

Every once in a while the new generation hears about this guy, or that guy from some guy’s particular generation. Tales of grandeur that takes the older dudes on a path to their glory days. You hear about the dude who “changed it all” or is the “best ever” and or course the “G.O.A.T.”. 9 times out of 10 the guy has a point and he’s talking about Hawk, Hosoi, Way, Gino, Markovich, Duffy, Cardiel, Hensley, Speyer, Salman, TG, Natas, Gonz, and at least 50 others who stand out as legitimate legends. Including Eric Koston, who’s on the top of that list.

For the first time in an entire career, Eric Koston did not have a full part in last years “Pretty Sweet” video. Questions were raised about his impeccable run. Here’s 8 reasons why Eric Koston can do whatever he wants for the rest of his days on board. He changed the game more times than you probably know of. Heaven help us all when he remembers he can destroy transition. Froston rules. -ERL