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Heavy Portland Days

My first glimpse of the Nike P.Rod promotional madness I witnessed was on the side of a bus as my cab neared downtown Portland. From that moment on, your average passerby would have thought Paul Rodriguez was the Mayor of Portland. His image was all over the city. This Street League stop was definitely themed after Paul just as every Kansas City stop was all about Sean Malto. Sean is from KC and they called Portland “Paul’s second home” so naturally Nike welcomed him with open arms.


19 men enter 1 man wins, kinda Thunder Dome…ish.

I made my way to the Rose Arena and right out front was a gigantic billboard featuring Paul larger than life. As I walked inside I was surprised at the color scheme of the actual course. The P.Rod 7 recently dropped and the red and black colors mocked Paul’s latest shoe, right down to the tiger stripes. Aesthetically it looked damn cool and I’m sure it’s appearance was amazing on television. The entire Rose Arena was filled with P.Rod posters in every single seat and again, looked cool. If you were one of Paul’s fans and came to this contest you were so stoked. How would you not be?


Not the best seating for Nyjah’s fan club.

Later on in the day we gave the higher ups at Nike a tour of the course and they met with the majority of the Nike SB team. One of them was the person responsible for the design of the original Jordan 1. I had no choice but to fan out on that seeing how it’s one of the best looking shoes in history. Flash backs of Tommy Guerrero, Cab, and the Gonz rocking Jordan Ones put a nostalgic smile on my face. Politics aside, Nike has made some solid shoes for skating even when they weren’t trying to. Now they are top notch.


The colors of potential pressure.

The next morning, this landslide of promotional aspects finally hit me. Want to talk about pressure? Oregon is the home of Nike and they promoted Paul Rodriguez 100% for the Portland stop. The entire city has your image all over it, everywhere. The actual arena boasts the same image as you approached the contest. The course you are skating is the same color as your latest shoe. 15,000 screaming fans are all holding up your poster. One of your major sponsors have brought all the higher ups to watch the contest. Beyond all of these other facts, you are competing against the best skaters in the world. Pressure situation? How would Paul Rodriguez deal with this mountain of pressure? By winning.


Ain’t nothing to it but to do it.

Portland was heavy. All of the skaters were on point in practice. By all means this could have been Chris Cole’s day with a back to back win. Luan Oliveira was a wrecking ball and couldn’t miss a trick. Ishod Wair blew us all away and put together the most insane lines. Portland was so heavy. In the end Paul showed everyone why he is a prodigy. In my opinion he is the last prodigy. Now there is a “amazing new guy” every other day because of the unlimited internet sitings. I can tell you right now there’s more pressure to fill his shoes than to be in them. Flavor of the months are a dime a dozen, there is only one P.Rod. -ERL


Dos Wins. Dos Amigos. Zero Pressure.


Austyn Gillette


Austyn knocks out a kickflip while I avoid knocking out the sound guy. Street League Portland was top notch. Austyn Kills. -ERL

Hey look, video link…..v

Sorry I yell.

We Can’t Stop Here, This is KC, This is Malto Country!

Street League Kansas City has always been pretty much the best stop. Just the “Maltomania” vibe in that town is so damn crazy. The enthusiasm and excitement levels are genuine and the energy is real. This stop by all means offered the best skateboarding yet. Dylan Rieder was the stand out by making the finals and added a ton of speed and style by doing so. The end result was the same, Nyjah Houston won. What made this contest stand out from the others was Paul Rodriguez, Chris Cole, Luan Oliveira, and Dylan Rieder having stand out tricks back to back. They killed it! Hail Mary’s were thrown out and it will be a hard day to match. I had the best seat in the house for it all. Here are a few photos from Street League Kansas City. -ERL

Who runs Barter Town?

Who runs Barter Town?

Everyone did and more.

1/2 a second late on a smith by request. Dylan blazed.

1/2 a second late on a smith by request. Dylan blazed.


Nyjah midway into the belly of the beast.


Matt Miller long nosegrind.


A Trifecta of moves. Malto crails while Koston and Tory are on the hunt.


Tory backlip to back tailslide.


PRod switch tailslide nollie heel out.


Paul’s got it like that.


There’s no denying, Nyjah has the goods.


Malto, switching it up.


Nyjah 5.0.


Mikey Taylor in feeble mode.


Ishod is always in his own zone. Skate around and kill it with a smile.


Gnar Boots laced up tight, Nyjah has got it.


Sean all blurred out on a front krooks.


Jimmy Sweat Pants and MRod holding down the judges table.


A photo of a photographer taking a photo? Lurking on Yoon Sul.


Mach 10 smith grind by David Gonzalez.


Boneless One!


I thought the Berrics would be bigger, damn fisheyes!


Shane is a cool cat and was first on site.


Billy Marks kickflipped this like a beast.


Dylan Rieder’s massive bs flip.


Nyjah won, his 9th to be exact. All smiles.


Nyjah won but, Tory delivers the goods to the Diamond Life Afterparty jam session winner.


Diamond Life Afterparty jam session champ, Shane O’Neill. Drink Up!!!!


Tory Pudwill MC’s the press conference. Endless laughs and entertainment.