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Shred Sunday’d

Besides the homeless I think we are the only people who lurk so hard. We basically loiter. Driving around looking for new spots to skate will take you to some odd locations. Ending up in an oil soaked industrial loading dock is normal to us. Even better that they had chairs outside for their employees smoke breaks no doubt. To top that, it was covered and we had a dry spot free of snow. Civilians drive by puzzled. Cops drive up concerned.

If you street skate you realize we have more in common with the homeless than most people. We like to do what we want and ignore most of societies preconceived notions of what we should be. Trespassing and destruction of public/private property do not apply to us. Your average person who calls an ambulance when they fall off a curb can’t conceive what we do. Wander, look around, and discover what your streets have to offer. -ERL


Nathan had nosegrinds all day at the Grease Spot.


Lounge crew, it was a Sunday after all.


Jordan got blunted.


Dane murders spots like this. Feeble.


Jordan bluntslide FS 180 away from the tundra.


Dustin had the leap and Frank had a little faith.


Those warm rays you see are a life saver.


Shred Sunday Hoth

The high suggested 22 degrees was all the mercy  we were going to get from Mother Nature. The snow had been scraped and there were a few options besides strictly parking garages. They are always dry but, the lack of sun is brutal. For the first time in a few decades my bushings froze up to the point where they might as well been made out of steel. No turning means no control and rickety style.

The rest of the crew had zero problems adapting their Speeders to the cold. Hot coffee, hot chocolate, and constant motion was the name of the game. As much as an indoor park would have been lovely, I felt better about skating in a frozen hell with a good crew. I’d rather suffer than get soft.

Winter skating takes me back to the day where you and your crew would skate no matter what. You would skate the curb spot by where the jocks hung out even though you knew there would be trouble. Skate a spot you knew you would have to run away from cops or security or you’d lose your board. The hunger of youth overpowers the excuses that comes with age.  A mediocre day skating beats not skating at all. -ERL

You get what you're given. Them's the breaks.

You get what you’re given. Them’s the breaks.

Tyler takes the long ollie into the dry zone.

Tyler takes the long ollie into the dry zone.

Dane made use of a make shift block.

Dane made use of a make shift block.

Cut through a dry spot, over the snow, grind it, and pop out over more snow. The good life.

Cut through a dry spot, over the snow, grind it, and pop out over more snow. The good life.

Seek shelter and attack. Tyler catching a beauty of a kick flip.

Seek shelter and attack. Tyler catching a beauty of a kick flip.

Mother Nature blessed us with some rays of hope.

Mother Nature blessed us with some rays of hope.


Mitch skates vert.

Tyler got his as well.

Tyler got his as well.

Dustin Elliker edit.

Nine Tried and True Ways to Blow it in Skateboarding

1. Don’t skate. Don’t skate? Yes, all the hard work you laid out to get a sponsor has paid off and now you decide to take a break. All the boards your parents bought you and you broke, all the times one of your friends filmed you, and the hell you put yourself through to get to this point is no time to take a victory lap. This goes double if you’re a flow kid. Flow ain’t shit and never will be. You did something right so keep it up, no time for slacking. You basically caught the quarterbacks attention and he might ask you to prom one day, unless he finds someone hotter. Stay up girl or you’re back to staying at home Googling bulimia.

2. You’re a social media kook. Some company sends you free shit because your shop orders a lot of gear. Now your on the team right? NO. Don’t blow up the social media networks with how suddenly this company is the best. You just said last month that Billy Skateboards was the best. You are a product whore and will jock anyone for free shit. If someone gives you a free board you call them “Fam”. That’s short for family fool, you must have a sorry homelife. “Yo, here’s a some shoe laces kid.” “DAMN, THANKS FAM!!!!!!!”

Now that another company stopped sending you a board through the shop, you’re going to bag on them? You tweet that “you’re better off” or you “have moved on to greener pastures” which is total bullshit. Maybe you talk shit on dudes that are on the actual team because God knows you deserve that spot. Try putting a pic on Instagram of your old board in the trash can, that’ll let everyone know you’re a bitter asshole and to never ever watch your Youtube link.

There boards weren't tight anyway!

There boards weren’t tight anyway!

3. Trading product for something hip. Billy Skateboards sends you 2 boards, three tees, and one set of wheels a month. They are a small company and the owner works a real job to keep his brand going. You are stoked to be getting free product but, your dream is to ride for Hook Ups. Even though you sent them 5 sponsor me packets and they always said “Thanks but, no thanks.” you won’t let the dream die. You trade in Billy Skateboards for some Hook Ups boards because you think somehow this will get you on the team. There is nothing better than seeing a kid who you sent a package to that you paid for with your hard earned dollars not riding any of it. Even better, riding a larger companies boards. To top it off, the kid doesn’t realize Hook Ups doesn’t even have a team. (Nothing personal, Jeremy Kline rules and so does Hook Ups) When you get your walking papers from Billy Skateboards you think the owner is a prick when in fact you are a kook.

4. Bringing your girl everywhere. You get invited on a team trip and your the only guy to bring his lady. Say goodbye to any bonding or guy time with the crew. If you think your better half is stoked to hear about others dudes sexual escapades, jacking off, fart jokes, or fucked up nicknames guys give girls then you got it wrong. Not only will there be weird tension but, are you that insecure that you can’t leave your chick at home? Try filming a trick and between every 5 tries you have to check in with the baggage making sure she’s not too bored. If you are the only one who brings a girl to go skate, you’re weird not everyone else.

Not going on trips to stay at home with a girl is just as bad if not worse. If she is expecting or ill then you get a pass. To duck out on a team trip to anywhere for a chick is lame, real lame. The company has been working with you and bringing you up through the ranks. There are kids that actually want to see you skate. Every girl is the one until she isn’t. You missed out on a trip to Australia because you wanted to play Mr. Cuddles and your sponsor doesn’t see how that fits in to your future with the team. It’s cool though, maybe when she’s blowing your friend you won’t have any regrets. Looks like she’s into skaters!

5. Forgetting your roots. You went from hometown hero to Johnny Big Deal and you seem to have forgotten somethings along the way. Suddenly your shop sponsor, your friend who spent countless days filming you, and your OG crew just got lost in the shuffle of your greatness. Better yet, you bash your hometown because you’ve lived in LA for almost a month.

Everyone likes a humble person and when you are younger it’s a hard trait to come by. If you have an interview lined up, remember the homies, remember the people who helped you out when no one else would, and most of all remember where the fuck you are from. Skateboarding is cut throat and there are so many dudes out there murdering it, you don’t want to head back home with your tail between your legs. Eating your own words is a hard swallow.

6. You get homesick. The reality of being a sponsored skater is that 90% of the action lies in California. The companies, the mags, the filmers, the photographers, and some pretty legendary spots are in California. The East Coast holds it down for their own by all means. The point is you have to make the move to where the action is. You couch surf, eat like shit, and make a serious run for your dream. When times get tough it’s easy to throw in the towel and head back to the comforts of home. Mommy and Daddy live there, all your friends do, that girl that never says no, and you are the hometown hero. Holy shit do people skate good in bigger cities. That talent pool is a lot bigger. Suddenly your crooked grinds on that rail aren’t so hyped when a kid 5 years younger than you just did it switch and kick flipped into it.

There is a comfort level at home that draws you back and then all your footage is from a skatepark or a basic spot no one cares about. The admiration you get from the locals isn’t enough to keep those packages arriving. Trips out to the big city become fewer and fewer then not at all. No worries, you gave it that old Community College try!

7. You’re over it but, not quite. You want to live the dream but, don’t want to be woken up. With all this free time it’s hard to ride a skateboard and keep up with the latest trends. A bicycle is a fun mode of transportation. Your sponsor doesn’t give two shits about all your photos peddling around town with a funny hat. The same can be said of your new found art projects, your motorcycle, alcohol/drug consumption, gun collection, wasted selfies, fantasy football leagues, or anything else you find more gratifying then riding your skateboard. Few people find themselves in an opportunity to get free product because they are good at something. There is a time to step away from being a sponsored guy and just be a skateboarder. In the end it will be more satisfying if you still love it.

8. Talking. You talk too much about yourself. You talk too much about others, as in name drop. You talk shit about anything and everything because you are dissatisfied with your life. To make matters worse, you say “what up” to people or shake the hands of people you talk shit about. Essentially you are a hater and that’s not just a tee shirt slogan, you are a sad person who doesn’t have many friends. The ones that you think are, aren’t. They tolerate you and that’s no way to live. You talk shit on the local shops cause they ain’t feeling you. The sad part is your skills might be up there but, that mouth just don’t stop.

9. Fake Till You Make It. Lie to kids. Tell them you are Pro. Tell them you were sponsored by companies that maybe sent the shop product to give to a team rider. Give that social media illusion that your big time. Leave product like the Pros do. Create you own fan page. Hell, get a pro model from a random company. These are all things to do to live the lifestyle of a Pro. It’s like wearing a fake gold chain. It ain’t real kid. You ain’t real kid.  -ERL

Street Stylin’

Skateboarding was born in the streets. That is where it became popular and that’s where it became a nuisance. The popularity and general laziness of hanging out at a skatepark all day is baffling. Say skatepark and I picture helmets, scooters, skate dads, bikes, and too many rules. You say new street spot and I envision endless possibilities. I’ll take a junk ramp over any prebuilt cement nonsense. Toby Riley, Justin Hackle, Tyler DeWitt, and Dane Haman avoid the road entirely and take the alley. -ERL


Double Trouble


Dane get smithy and exits out 180.


5-0 Fakies are hard, 5-0 Fakies in front of the peanut gallery are just mean.




Toby Riley caught in the bricks.

Burning Metal Parking Lot

Curb Life, Lifer, Parking Lot Lurker. Red curb missions are the best mostly due to the fact of their quantities. Still, quality reigns supreme and once you find a spot it’s a keeper. There’s something communal about meeting at a spot not meant for skateboarding and making it your own. Cement vs aluminum in a battle to the axel. Get yours! -ERL


Tyler DeWitt FS Krooked Grind. Photo by ERL.


Dane Haman FS Hurricane. Photo by ERL.


Scott La Rock FS Slappie. Photo by Dane Haman.


ERL FS Hurricane. Photo by Dane Haman.


Tyler DeWitt FS Krooks out of the shadows. Photo by ERL.


Dane Haman FS Hurricane. Peep that back foot. Photo by ERL.


ERL Feeble Grind. Photo by Dane Haman.

Frank Silveira FS Slappy. Photo by Dane Haman.

Tyler DeWitt Feeble Grind. Photo by Dane Haman.

Tyler DeWitt Feeble Grind. Photo by Dane Haman.


Scott La Rock FS Slappy. Photo by Dane Haman

Makes and Breaks

There’s always been a certain mentality you require to stick with skateboarding. Just like everything else, it’s easy to start. Buy or borrow a board and figure out the basics, pushing, balance, and how to turn. Once you get the basics it’s time to learn the tricks, small ones at first because it’s all new still. Back in the day was great, often times you “made up a trick” and gave it some odd 80’s name. The purity of not knowing what had and had not been done yet was golden. They say “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt” and that saying applies so much to skateboarding. One day it happens, you finally slam violently on cement and get hurt.

Getting broke off proper while skating changes the course of a lot of skaters. People figure out that skating is not easy, slamming can wreck you for months, and parents aren’t too thrilled about ER visits. There is so much dedication and mental warfare to overcome while trying to land a trick you got hurt trying previously. Sometimes you reach a mental barrier you can no longer cross. I broke my ankle during a trip to San Francisco that got in my head and stayed there, I was scared. That fear stuck with me ever since, although I still continue to break and tear parts of my body skating. If you truly Love something eventually it’s going to hurt you and if you really do love it, you can’t quit.

This is Mitch Haight ollieing a gap that no one knew was a gap until he did it. He might have been scared to try it but, Mitch has that mentality that allows him to overcome fear and doubt. It’s that drive that has him ripping Reno apart. Is the risk worth the reward? It is by all means to us, it’s everything. – ERL

Boom. Dane Haman photo.

Boom. Dane Haman photo.

Seek Shelter

This past Sunday was a good one. Flood warnings brought back memories of the flood we had in 97. I was hoping for a little carnage but, Mother Nature spared Reno of a good Juggalo bathing. Maybe next time? I had talked to the crew about a Shred Sunday back up plan to keep the tradition uninterrupted. It hadn’t rained that hard in years so I new we had to seek shelter.

Woodward was a topic off and on. I agreed with most of the older crew that a parking garage session was in order. Slowly one by one, everyone trickled into the shop to figure out where it was to be. The big topic on Facebook was that it was too wet to skate. Countless posts from people making excuses not to get out and roll. It reminded me of all the older guys who found it so easy to quit skating in the late 90s/early 2000s. There is always a place to go skate regardless of wind, rain, snow, or heat. It is what you make it and it’s a lot easier to choose not to skate at all. Fuck that.

We watched the new Girl/Chocolate video and proceeded to hit up the parking garage by UNR. It was obvious 20 minutes into the sesh that the video had the crew sparked up. Everyone motivated each other and it was a solid day. We missed linking up with another group shredding IRS. Regardless, a damp, dusty, and poorly lit parking garage might as well have been Woodward. No charge, no helmets, and nothing but dudes tearing it up. With all the talk about DIY spots, I find we are surrounded by them all throughout Reno. Find a spot and make it your own by skating it. Either that or keep complaining online about how your scene sucks. It is what you make it, just like everything in life. Don’t talk about it, be about it. -ERL


Scott La Rock Fakie Nosegrind.


Scott La Rock Brew Nollie Lip.


Frank Silveira Five O.


Scaught Bate Hurricane.


Mitch Haight Bluntside.